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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Nexus S

For Nexus S users, you can get the lastest and greatest Android version 4.1 Jelly bean at XDA. It's a port from Google's Jelly Bean SDK and most of the feature is working. The feature I wanted to try out most is Google Now. From review found around the Internet, shows that
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When will Nexus 7 land in Malaysia?

iPad have been dominating the tablet space and it is continue growing. With the launch of Nexus 7, will Android be able to turn it around? Amazon Kindle have been selling quite well since it's launch, but it is only available in a few countries only. This does not help
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Android DroidDreamLight Malware

The Lookout Security Team recently just identified the DroidDreamLight malware. At this point they believed between 30,000 and 120,000 users have been affected by DroidDreamLight. Magic Photo Studio Sexy Girls: Hot Japanese Sexy Legs HOT Girls 4 Beauty Breasts Sex Sound Sex Sound: Japanese HOT Girls 1 HOT Girls 2 HOT Girls 3 Mango Studio Floating Image Free System Monitor Super StopWatch and Timer System Info Manager E.T. Tean Call
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