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Regex in LotusScript

After more than 10 years coding, I still learn something new on Lotus. I need to do some checking on certain value, so regex came into mind. So far I haven't actually used regex in LotusScript. A simple search give me result to use "Like" operator. It function similar with regex,
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XPages get value from profile document field

Instead of hardcoding values, we can store them in profile documents. Using Lotus formula language, we can use @GetProfileField(profilename; fieldname; username) to retrieve field values from profile document. In Xpages controls property, you can set computed value from profile document. Sample code is as below [code] var profileDoc:NotesDocument = database.getProfileDocument("ProfileDoc",""); return profileDoc.getItemValue("AppPath")[0]; [/code]  
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jQuery JSON YQL issue

I've been working on YQL (Yahoo Query Language). Using jQuery to retrieve the JSON result, it managed to retrieve the response from Yahoo but would not execute the success function. [code] var url = "*%20from%20html%20where%20url%3D''%2F%2Fdiv%5B%40id%3D%22yfi_sym_results%22%5D%2Ftable%2Ftbody%2Ftr'&format=json&"; $.getJSON( url, function(data){ alert(data.query.results); }) [/code] After some search, the issue is cause by the callback in the URL. Changing the url to
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Application Event Log

For application development, I normally use OpenLog from OpenNTF.  What if an application logs directly into log.nsf file on the server. Recently, I had to go through the Lotus Domino log.nsf to look for logs related to specific application. This is time consuming thus I've created an application to do the
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XPages Checkbox

I need to create some check box for a XPage application. By default, the Check Box control only show 1 option. Sames goes for the radio button. If you need to have a multiple option for selection, the Check Box Group need to be selected. It would be simpler if there is
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