Laravel remove &quot from json

When getting data in json $users = User::all()->json(); In blade template using the data var users = {{ $users }} It will return error because the encoding will get code like &quot Escaping the data with {{ }} automatically in Laravel 5. Use {!! $users !!} instead.
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Using Google Forms on WordPress Page

Google Forms provides a very simple way to create a form to collect and organise information. The form can be embedded into website. The submitted information can be viewed in the response spreadsheet. If you want to customize the layout to suit your website, Google Forms customization is quite limited. We
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OverAPI Collecting All Cheat Sheets

OverAPI have hundreads of cheat sheets on technologies from HTML, CSS, Regex, Ruby, etc. A simple search, I found Scala Cheat Sheet which provides links the contents. As of writing now, MongoDB is not available. I'm sure more will be added. It provide a full list A-Z of cheat sheets. Definitely
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Regex in LotusScript

After more than 10 years coding, I still learn something new on Lotus. I need to do some checking on certain value, so regex came into mind. So far I haven't actually used regex in LotusScript. A simple search give me result to use "Like" operator. It function similar with regex,
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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Nexus S

For Nexus S users, you can get the lastest and greatest Android version 4.1 Jelly bean at XDA. It's a port from Google's Jelly Bean SDK and most of the feature is working. The feature I wanted to try out most is Google Now. From review found around the Internet, shows that
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