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Regex in LotusScript

After more than 10 years coding, I still learn something new on Lotus.

I need to do some checking on certain value, so regex came into mind. So far I haven’t actually used regex in LotusScript. A simple search give me result to use “Like” operator. It function similar with regex, and determines whether a string expression matches a pattern string.

I need to check if a value of a field contains only “0000”. The example syntax that can be used is as below

	Dim subject List As String

	subject(0) = "000000"
	subject(1) = "100000"
	subject(2) = "000001"
	subject(3) = "000300"
	subject(4) = "asdf"
	subject(5) = "ZASE"
	subject(6) = "Z00000"

	ForAll s In subject
		If (s Like "*[1-9a-zA-Z]*") Then
			' contains other than 0
			' contains only 0
		End If
	End ForAll

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