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REST Service Call Builder Cookie

I was working on a portlet that does a REST service call to Lotus Quickr ATOM feed. Initially I was having issue with the Single Sign On (SSO) from the portlet calling the Quickr ATOM. When signing into the portal, a LtpaToken cookie will be generated and I need to pass this when making the REST request.

In the REST Service Call Builder you can put in cookie to be pass along under Advance section in the Forward HTTP Cookies field. I’ve added the cookie name LtpaToken into the field but still getting error 401 authentication error on the server.

Thanks to the reply on the Web Experience Factory forum, found that the issue is cause by the Result Schema.

If Auto Create Schema is enabled, it will make a call first without passing over the cookie under Forward HTTP Cookie field. This cause the error 401. I change the URL in the Schema to a ATOM feed that can be access by anonymous. Another way is to fill in the authentication fields for the schema. That solve the 401 issue that I encountered.

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