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Android 4.0 ICS : Android OS usage for battery

I’ve just upgraded my Nexus S to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich yesterday. Initial impression is quite good. The interface and navigation is smooth. Good statistic for data usage. Wifi signal seems to be weaker and the browser does lag a bit (showing white boxes).

At a few forum including XDA Developer, there’s quite a few complain about the battery life after upgrading to ICS. It’s still too new for me to judge the battery life. Looks relatively the same as when on 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Maybe just slightly less battery life or maybe I used the phone more.

One of the top usage shown on the battery statistic is Android OS. One of the culprit could be the security settings. The security Automatically Lock setting makes a lot of difference on the Android OS stats.

For testing, my Display settings, Sleep after 1 Minute. I’ve set Automatically Lock to “Immediate”. I’m using Pattern Lock. The initial Android OS keep awake is 35m 11s. I let the phone to go on standby on it’s own.


After about 30 Minutes of not using the phone (maybe 1 SMS and a mail in between), the Android OS keep awake 37m 40s. Not much changes. I’ve change the security Automatically Lock to “10 Minutes”. I let the phone to go on standby on it’s own.


After 30 minutes of not using the phone, the Android OS keep awake went up to 48m 38s.


So I suspect that increasing the Automatically Lock will increase the Android OS keep awake time. But does it affect the battery life? I’m not too sure, from the test above, the battery discharge 1% each 1/2 hour. It’s too short to tell. I’ll test with Automatically Lock at “10 Minutes” for a few days. If the battery is about the same as before, I’ll keep it that way for convenience. If not, then I’ll test with the settings “5 seconds”

What’s your experience with regards to ICS battery life?

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