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I need to create some check box for a XPage application. By default, the Check Box control only show 1 option. Sames goes for the radio button.

If you need to have a multiple option for selection, the Check Box Group need to be selected.

It would be simpler if there is only 1 type of Check Box control. It should show the number of check box depending on how many values or labels we add in.

The last part is to add in the values and label. You can add formula item to values from a view. From the property, it looks like there separate computed items for label and values but it is actually the same formula used. Similar in Notes formula, it uses “|” as the┬áseparator.

Below is the sample of @DBColumn function that can be used.

@DbColumn(@DbName(), “viewname”, 1) + “|” + @DbColumn(@DbName(), “viewname”, 2)


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