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Dropdown Selection – Airlines Websites Example

I was browsing through some airline sites recently. Most of them are quite similar but one caught my attention. The interface is intuitive and have a user friendly process flow.

Since it’s airline website, the most frequent action for user is select where to go.

On Tigerairways, the country selection box is the simplest form of dropdown selection list.

On Airasia, the dropdown selection list consist of cities which are categorized by country. Sorting by country may help users search for city easier.

My personal favourite, Jetstar implemented a very easy structural selection for user. Instead of a normal selection list, the full list point of origin cities are display on screen. At a glance user can select the city without having to scroll through the selection list.

Besides that, after selecting the point of origin, the destination list shows up directly without user needing to click on the destination field.

This is a good design because it anticipates for the next users action. For airline booking, users will have to choose the point of origin, destination, depart and return date. All those have selection option. So instead of needing users to click on each fields to open the selection, filling up the first field (point of origin) will directly open the second selection (destination). Selecting the second field (destination) option will directly open up the third selection (depart date) and so on.

This approach can help us design a more user friendly site or application. Feel free to share your design or approach here.

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