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Android 4.0 ICS : Android OS usage for battery

I've just upgraded my Nexus S to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich yesterday. Initial impression is quite good. The interface and navigation is smooth. Good statistic for data usage. Wifi signal seems to be weaker and the browser does lag a bit (showing white boxes). At a few forum including XDA
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IBM Tech Trends Report 2011

IBM published a tech trends report based on a conducted a survey of over 4,000 IT professionals, faculty members and students from among the developerWorks community. Below is part of the summary Business analytics is the most adopted technology in the survey, showing the least adoption resistance as businesses struggle to automate
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Application Event Log

For application development, I normally use OpenLog from OpenNTF.  What if an application logs directly into log.nsf file on the server. Recently, I had to go through the Lotus Domino log.nsf to look for logs related to specific application. This is time consuming thus I've created an application to do the
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XPages Checkbox

I need to create some check box for a XPage application. By default, the Check Box control only show 1 option. Sames goes for the radio button. If you need to have a multiple option for selection, the Check Box Group need to be selected. It would be simpler if there is
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Windows 8 Preview

Microsoft have added a video preview of the upcoming Windows 8. Looking at the interface, you can expect the design elements from Windows Phone 7 brought to desktop PC. Building \"Windows 8\" - Video #1 There's still a lot of users on Windows XP and not even upgrade to Windows 7. It does look
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Android DroidDreamLight Malware

The Lookout Security Team recently just identified the DroidDreamLight malware. At this point they believed between 30,000 and 120,000 users have been affected by DroidDreamLight. Magic Photo Studio Sexy Girls: Hot Japanese Sexy Legs HOT Girls 4 Beauty Breasts Sex Sound Sex Sound: Japanese HOT Girls 1 HOT Girls 2 HOT Girls 3 Mango Studio Floating Image Free System Monitor Super StopWatch and Timer System Info Manager E.T. Tean Call
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